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Today more than ever, we believe design is about more than simply meeting women’s fashion needs. It’s about taking a thoughtful approach, thinking about tomorrow as much as today, and minimizing our environmental footprint. Enter our new collection:

A modern line of watches designed with all things CONSIDERED.

Anne always believed in putting passion above all else and actingon your convictions. We continue to move the brand forward propelled by these values with a new collection that is: 


Every watch in our new collection is powered by a solar battery. This means it’s completely rechargeable and won’t need replacing every few years like traditional batteries. In other words: More sunny sustainableenergy, less harmful waste. CONSIDERED. 


The first of our two new leathers is 100% vegetable-tanned. A time-honored tradition typically associated with heritage clothing and goods, this natural tanning process is free of chrome, heavy metals, formaldehydes, pentachlorophenol (PCP) and many other harmful chemicals. In fact, because it’s such a clean process, 95% of the waste produced by the tannery can be recycled or sold for use in fertilizers and compost. Every product and chemical used along the way complies with all current regulations such as Reach, ZDHC/MRSL and the European biocides regulation. CONSIDERED.

The second of our leathers is animal-free and vegan. Responsibly engineered and cruelty-free, most alternatives are made from a host of organic materials that would otherwise go to waste. Ours is made from apple peels, and cork, reducing our contribution to both landfills and pollution. CONSIDERED. 


Understanding the harm of traditional plastics, we chose to use cellulose acetate in the production of our watches. A non-petroleum plastic, it’s made from natural cotton and wood fibers.


Anne Klein Considered

Anne Klein is known for its elegant jewellery, and this line is no exception. Pairing sustainability with style, each watch is more beautiful than the last. The watches come in a range of classic hues including silver, rose gold, black, yellow gold, navy blue, and cream, and many feature Swarovski crystal indices.