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The wonderful world of style and fashion are seen in the collection of Pierre Balmain watches. Since 1987, these beautiful timepieces have been produced by the Swatch Group, the largest producers of Swiss Watches. In keeping with the concept of Balmain, Paris, one of the brands distinctive features is the famous Arabesques dial and moon phase watches.

Balmain De Balmain - Lunar legends

Once in a blue moon, haute couture and ancient art fuse.Illuminating the midnight blue, starry sky on the movement is bespoke decoration in the famous Balmain arabesque pattern. These watches draw the eye, while taking care not to eclipse the individual beauty of their wearers. The soul of the series is made up of three different core case finishes – pure stainless steel, full yellow-gold PVD or a bi-colour interpretation with the silver stainless steel contrasting with either yellow- or rose-gold PVD. These are teamed with metal bracelets in the same selection of finishes, or with a black leather strap and simple buckle.

Haute Elegance - A New Classic Style

Balmain's Haute Elégance range features new styles whose charm is decidedly classic. These new models stand out for their sophistication, elegance, and attention to detail. Such features naturally recall the world of Parisian fashion that is the inspiration for the collection. The decidedly feminine pieces draw the eye with design elements that are unique to the watch brand. The watches feature an ornamented dial with Arab numerals and sometimes a raised arabesque design, an aesthetic detail that has become iconic of Balmain watches.