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Rivoli encompasses a wide spectrum of all things premium such as watches, eyewear, jewelry, leather accessories and writing instruments.

From its headquarters in Dubai, the Group has swiftly established its reputation as one of the largest importers, distributors and retailers of luxury products with over 400 stores in the region. The Group also manages travel retail in leading airports and on-board airlines.

Critical to the success of the Group is an outstanding team of over 1800 professionals driven to deliver a remarkable customer experience.

With a diverse range of international brands, distinctive stores and exceptional service, the progress of the Rivoli Group is based firmly on quality, reliability and customer centricity.

Woven into the fabric of Rivoli is commitment, diligence and the pursuit of excellence; values that have propelled the Group to the position of repute it enjoys today. Every employee at Rivoli Group is a glowing testament to these values.


Excellence, quality assurance, rewards and an experience beyond compare. These are cornerstones of the Rivoli 'R' Philosophy.

It is the bedrock upon which we have built our reputation as a leading lifestyle retailer in the Middle East. Everything, from our products and service to our people and working culture is steeped in this philosophy.

For retailers and customers alike, ‘R’ is a badge of excellence, a guarantee of quality and an experience designed to delight consumers. A closer look at the ‘R’ philosophy highlights the elements that represent the cornerstones of our success.

Retail – Concept stores tailored to, meet different customer needs.

Range – Extensive portfolio of world-class luxury brands offering only the best for our customers.

Reach – Large number of stores throughout the region, making it easy for the customer to reach us.

Reliable – Unmatched service every time, for an unparalleled customer experience.

Resources – Outstanding team of over 1800 professionals, all dedicated to fulfill our promise.

Responsible – Committed to the highest standards of stores, products and services.

Rewards – Year-round advantages and benefits for customers building long lasting relationships.